Kaniksu Community Health is a non-profit, award winning Community Health Center that provides integrated, team-based healthcare in north Idaho.

The healthcare landscape is a tough one to navigate and a big part of what we do is untangle that mess for our patients, making an impact in their lives each and every day. Regardless of how a patient can pay, or the severity of their concerns, we help find solutions.

Patients consider us their partner in healthcare, over the course of their life and the spectrum of their health needs. From prevention and wellness to medical, dental, and behavioral health. From pediatric to geriatrics, we believe that quality healthcare should be accessible, approachable and affordable for everyone.

We don’t just say it. We prove it.

  • In one year we decreased the rate of patients with uncontrolled diabetes by 20%.
  • We rank in the top 10% of CHC’s in the country for clinical quality.
  • We report the highest level of control in the state for our hypertensive population.

But we’re not just invested in our patients – we’re invested in our people. We know that our overall success is a combined effort and we therefore strive to provide opportunities for our employees to learn, grow and thrive. We are proud to have built a positive and engaged team with a "family" spirit. Our team members must know exactly what we are working on and why, and how their everyday work contributes to successfully achieving this goal.

The benefits of working for KCH include:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 4% 401K employer match
  • Year round, affordable on-site childcare at KCH Kid’s Club

This job might be for you if:

  • You like helping people. You are patient, level headed, and cool under pressure.
  • You love taking on difficult challenges and finding creative solutions.
  • You value doing the right thing over seeking to be right.
  • You pay attention to the details - nothing is falling through the cracks on your watch.
  • You think on our feet and communicate clearly.
  • You are motivated and driven. You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked.
  • You are going to take ownership of the time you spend with us and truly make a difference.

A Kaniksu Community Health Dentist is not just responsible for providing excellent customer service. They are committed to providing an excellent patient experience while performing essential clinical or administrative work in a fast-paced, productive environment. YOU ARE an essential team member charged with assisting patients in managing their care at Kaniksu Community Health. As a Dentist, a typical duties and responsibilities might include:

  • Provides direct patient care as outlined in the KCH employment agreement including diagnoses, treatment and/or proper referral while maintaining expected medical/dental standards.
  • Maintain active and current licensure, and participate in continuing educational activities sufficient to maintain required breadth of knowledge regarding current standard of practice for General Dentistry and specifically for the populations served by Kaniksu Community Health.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of basic principles of health, illness, and wellness including current best practice in effective delivery of preventive and primary health care in outpatient settings and health education to the target populations.
  • Provision of primary dental care diagnostic, treatment, referral and preventive services and information that is professionally and culturally competent, and centered on the whole person within the context of their life circumstances.
  • Prescribes and carries out, or directs others in carrying out, appropriate treatment, or refers individuals for specialty consultation or treatment in conformance with approved clinical protocols and guidelines.
  • Knowledge of common medications used with the understanding of indications for, administration of, action of and adverse effects of medications. A working knowledge of printed and electronic resources available for information regarding illness and medications.
  • Educates individuals in the nature of medical health related conditions and in the general promotion of primary health care related disease prevention.
  • Designs and implements effective individualized health care plans and strategies to engage KCH patients in sustained attention to their own and families’ improved health and well-being.
  • Records patient-provider transactions as they occur in the patient’s medical record so that the medical record accurately and completely reflects the nature of the contact, the condition of the patient and the care or treatment provided. Including tracking, patient follow-up, education, and counseling.
  • The Staff Dentist must be cognizant of the prevalent stressors and their impact on KCH's patient populations, professional providers and other community partners.

The Staff Dentist is a General Dentistry Dentist (DDS or DMD) with an active, current license issued by the State of Idaho and without disciplinary action. She/he works under the clinical supervision of the Dental Chief of Staff, and the administrative supervision of the Chief Executive Officer and/or Chief Medical Officer.